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    I am a Natural Light Photographer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina! Stay tuned and check back often for glances of recent sessions and info. on my Photography Workshops! But before photography I am a Wife and Stay At Home Mom to two Precious Children that keep me Extra Busy!

Addison Turns One

Sweet Addison turned One! I couldn’t help but share from her session! Isn’t she adorable!


Lynch Family: Winston-Salem Family Photographer

I seriously love to photograph these kids….they challenge  me! They can be so silly and they do not do pose pics well. Who does? When I think I can get no better than the their last session they always amaze me. Their serious looks are just beautiful to me ! I love that their parents trust me and sometimes they just step away in the background, letting me really get to interact with their kids and find those natural poses that are not planned. I could share their entire session, here are just a few of my favorites. 


Meredith & Christopher

The minute I met them, I could feel the love in the air! Their laughter did not stop! They are so sweet and I loved every minute of shooting their engagement pictures!

Meredith is on her way to be on Say Yes to the Dress with her Sister and family!

I met Meredith through her sweet sister Lyndsi and have been following her story for the past year! She is amazing lady!

You can read more about her here

and I would love for you to take a few minutes out of your day to watch this which she is in! I have watched it at least 20 times!


My Quotable Kids

So I have been slack in the blogging area! Which I have a lot of catching up to do!

I miss blogging especially on my family blog! Life never slows down…I guess I thought at some point it would but doesn’t look like it will anytime soon!

With that said….as fast as life goes by ….those baby books I had planned on keeping updated….well…..are basically stacks of sticky notes left all over they place, unorganized and I will be lucky if I find them all! Poor Caroline’s maybe has the first page! Guess I was waiting for life to slow down!

But there is one  thing….I don’t want to forget….and it is those funny things my kids say that sometimes almost make me run off the road….and then by the time the day is over I have already forgotten what it was! Guess that is my Mommy Brain!

So I was reading on, one of my favorite blogs and I cam across, Paper Coterie’s Website!


They have all kinds of different things you can make for great pricing! And hon How Does she they they have a link for discounts and specials.


So here is my latest book, that I hope to keep close by so I can jot down the funny things my kids say!


Happy Mother’s Day!

With Mother’s day just a few short days away and my Mother’s Day contest going on…I was driving home from Charlotte today thinking of how much I have changed since I became a mom! Being a Mom is the one of the most important jobs I will ever have I thought! How can something be so hard but so rewarding all at the same time. I started to think how much I have grown since I became a mom and I really think it takes being a mom to learn some very important life lessons and I think those tiny children are sent here to teach us! Since I have became a mom 4 1/2 short years ago….I have learned so much about myself! I have learned how to be patient and less judgmental. I have learned that while I watch a poor mother struggle with her child during a bad trip to target….my bad trip to target is not far away! I have learned I may never finish a meal again for at least 18 more years. I have learned what sacrifice means! I have learned what it really means when you would do Anything for someone because I would do and give up anything for my children’s needs!  After being a mother I value the hard work of my mother and all that she did for me! It’s hard to fully understand what it’s really like until you are a Mother! I know everyone appreciates their mother’s however once you become a mom you grow a different appreciation! Being a mom as taught me so many life lessons! It’s amazing how these little beings can teach us….when we think we are here to teach them! I have learned what the important things in life are! I have learned to cherish the moments we have because we are not guaranteed tomorrow! I have learned to let things go and spend time with my children….even though it’s hard! I have learned things aren’t always going to go my way and I am okay with that! I have gained so much compassion for other moms and what they may be going through and understanding! I am less likely to judge a mother for her decisions even if they are not the same of mine. There is something special about Mother’s! I am so fortunate to have such a loving mother and mother in law! Being a Mother is hard work! Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


Here are just a few of my favorite Mommy & Me Pictures!


W o r k s h o p s
F a c e b o o k
A b o u t   M e
R e f e r r a l s