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    I am a Natural Light Photographer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina! Stay tuned and check back often for glances of recent sessions and info. on my Photography Workshops! But before photography I am a Wife and Stay At Home Mom to two Precious Children that keep me Extra Busy!

Staying Calm for your photography session…Having Fun instead of Stressing out! ~ Winston-Salem, NC Family Photographer~Emily Elrod Photography

Last night on Facebook, I posted of how parents can help with the session flow! As I edit a few busy weeks of pictures, I can totally see the difference in how my sessions go! I know it’s stressful to get pictures taken! You pay money for this session, stress over what to wear, how to get your kids to nap before the session and then be on their best behavior for the session! At the last minute, NO ONE NAPS, they spill Milk on their outfit and fall and get a black eye! I get it! Having a 4 & 6 Year old let me tell you how I understand, it’s stressful! But want I really want you to know about me is, I get it because I have been there! I stress over my kids and how they will act all of the time! I am used to it daily with mine! So I am patient at sessions and it really helps if you are patient! Just let them be themselves, don’t worry if they get up and down a couple times or don’t have the perfect smile you envisioned. Let them be them in that moment! It will all work itself out! When you are calm, they will eventually be calm! When you are on them constantly for not acting like what some adults can’t even act like,  it stresses them out! No one really loves to take pictures (well except 6,7, & 8 year old little girls :-). I rarely have a session end where I feel I didn’t get a shot that works or that I love except…..when parents stress out, yell or fuss constantly or worry that every shot will not work. I am not saying that it always goes perfect and that you may not have to have a little talk….just saying to be calm and know that every session pretty much goes the same way and no kid sits and smiles perfectly the entire session!

Below is a recent session……where their parents did just that.

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